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Jogz Gerardo

They were straightforward and precise


I will definitely hire Taurus Electrical again! I also highly recommend them to anyone needing electrical services. Steve and Nick are true professionals of their craft which was obvious from start to finish. They were straightforward and precise which left me almost no questions about how they were going to proceed in installing four ceiling fans/lights in my home. The job took a little longer which was not their fault since my attic crawl space was tight, packed with so much insulation, and excruciatingly hot from the July heat. Nick kept working with a smile in his face for another couple hours until the job was complete and that I was satisfied with the work they made. I also very much appreciate the fact that they were always on time, made sure they did not leave any mess, and that they educated me on how my new upgrade works. Steve also uses a very reliable web-based business tool that makes agreement, scheduling, and payment very convenient especially for those who are busy. Thank you, Steve and Nick! I am truly glad that I hired you – cheers!

Nancy Woodard

Taurus was so easy to work with.


We had a ceiling fan changed & work done on our attic fan. Taurus was so easy to work with. Immediately I got an appointment & a few days later they did the work. They came on time & all the work was quality & professional. And they cleaned up completely before leaving. I would give them 6 stars if I could. I recommend them highly & would & will definitely use their services in the future.

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Electrical Panel Upgrades In Vacaville

When you bring power into your home from the utility company, the electrical panel needs to process it correctly and safely. Electrical panel upgrades are necessary to perform in homes every ten years or so to ensure there’s no risk of fire or electrical shock.

Commercial electrical panel upgrades need to be done more regularly, about every five years because of the extensive electrical system in the building. An outdated service panel can be potentially catastrophic to your property and dangerous to the people within.

For your electrical panel upgrades, inspections, and electrical repairs in the Vacaville area, rely on Taurus Electrical Services. We offer free estimates, so don’t hesitate to call us to make an appointment.

  •   Monday – Friday 7:30 am to 5:00 pm
  •   Experienced, Reliable, Honest
  •   Panel Upgrades & Code Violation Corrections
  •   Residential & Commercial Service


Signs it May be Time For a Panel Upgrade

Panel upgrades can prevent problems before they happen but sometimes the issues already exist. If you see any of the following signs you may need a panel upgrade, be sure to call us now so we can schedule an appointment with our electrician.

Whether you need minor electrical repairs to fix a simple problem or you need extensive work done, our electrician will shoot straight with you.

  •   You’re using too many extension cords or outlet adapters
  •   Your installing additional circuits for appliances
  •   You’re remodeling or renovating your home
  •   The breakers keep tripping
  •   The lights and outlets on one circuit all quit working
  •   The lights dim when you try to use an appliance
  •   You have frequent surges or burned out electronics
  •   Your electric bill spikes on the days you use your washer & dryer or oven

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